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Originally Posted by Bill Kapaun View Post
This would be my choice for a solid, lower cost, meat & potatoes rim.
How many spokes?
6061-T6 aluminum

solid choice but be aware (the op should be) that it's a low profile rim (15.5 mm) so you really should go with thinner spokes on the side where there is less tension. low profile rims will deflect (referring to radial, not so much torsional/lateral) more under load and you need to ensure the spokes don't approach zero tension because of that deflection. you could go with 2mm DS and 1.8mm NDS; if the wheel builder is skilled enough then it might make sense to go with even less than that. the thinner the spokes the more stretch under tension and also more torsional stress/strain. and by the way... the more residual torsional stress on the DS spokes the higher the risk of spoke (nipple) pull through the rim for a high enough tension.

i could go with 1.8mm DS and 1.5mm NDS on such a low profile rim but i would not recommend it for the average joe builder.

the other rims mentioned in that later post are 6063 aluminum (which is roughly 66% the strength of the 6061-T6 alloy) so they are crappier (at least heavier) although they seem to be more forgiving on the lack of skills and knowledge for wheel building compared to those sun rhyno.

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