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Upon doing some reading on Sheldon Brown's site, I can make most sense now of the gear inches as far as comparison between gear ranges goes, I just don't know how to relate that information to rotation of the wheel, but I am likely overthinking it, as ratios are ratios, and are only meant to be ratios for the sake of multiplying input and comparing apples to apples and describing ranges. Thank you for the help!

I won't worry yet about my components and will just wait for something to fail more than once to prove out the need for something more durable. Aside from the durability of internal hub components I was really just curious about the benefits of the shorter ratios. 3 speeds in the front and 14 in the back would give me 42 speeds, and as long as the high/lows weren't completely out of proportion, that should translate to easier cadence management up inclines and on flat ground. The current DF I ride has an 8 speed cassette and the jump from 2/5 to 2/6 is so huge and frustrating, yet right between the 2 is where I would like to cruise, and 1/8 is too low. I want to avoid that on a touring setup.

Also, not that you asked, but I feel I should mention that I do understand that the JC-70, much like the Catrike 700, is built lower and faster than a JC-20 or a Catrike villager or the GTO. The gearing on the JC-70 is obviously meant to save cost while giving a decent high/low range, whereas more expensive fast/race trikes will have narrow ranges for speed. I purposely made this purchase decision because touring isn't the ONLY thing I plan to do, and the longer wheel base for stability and higher gear mounting clearance is an assumed benefit to me, being 6'2" tall. I am, in a way, trying to do more with the trike than it may necessarily be built for, but I feel like the JC-70 is so well-rounded for a 700C trike compared to the faster models in the big name lineups.
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