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Originally Posted by maleger View Post
I have Sturmey-Archer hubs on my Brompton bikes. One issue with the hub is the complexity of self-maintenance. While the S-A is relatively simple for a hab and there is a lot of documentation on the web, others may be more complex. I really like to ability to be able to maintain my bikes myself. Yes, the hubs are more expensive, but I personally don't care too much for that argument (since it's already a pretty expensive bike anyway). But they are very reliable, this I care about.
I'm assuming those hubs are to replace the front chainrings? Your maintenance for the hubs must have longer intervals than your cassettes, assuming you are talking about a 2/3 speed rear freewheel hub. I have to degrease, clean, toothbrush, and re-lube my cassette every few rides here in NY as the roads are filthy and the grit sticks to the cogs and files down the insides of my chain links. Especially with long distance and multiple day trips over hundreds of miles I eventually would like the satisfaction of not having to worry as much about the grit-traps and move everything internal. However, depending on my experience with the Performer trike over the next year or two, I may decide to justify buying a new trike all together that comes pre-equipped with an all-internal driveline. If I am impressed enough with the ergonomics and the frame on the Performer I see no reason against spending money on better driveline and brake components. Heck, I'll bet some trike manufacturer could make a ton of money by designing a shaft-driven driveline that is internal to the main frame tube with sealed bearings on the ends that can adapt to a belt drive or something to save weight and extend maintenance intervals
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