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Originally Posted by Aimulator64 View Post
Also, not that you asked, but I feel I should mention that I do understand that the JC-70, much like the Catrike 700, is built lower and faster than a JC-20 or a Catrike villager or the GTO.
This is an incorrect assumption. Except for the size of the rear wheel, both models are IDENTICAL. Same seat angle, same seat height. Both equipped with fenders, rack, etc. And your other assumption about the superiority of internal gear hubs also has to be challenged as long as I am in this text input field. IGH hubs are expensive, heavy, complex and most cannot withstand much abuse. Very few IGH are designed with more than a single chainring in mind. I believe the Rolhoff is stronger than most, but that isn't saying much. I don't know the exact numbers, but I am pretty certain that a 50/39/30 triple crank, plus 11/34 cassette, has a wider gear range than the Roloff with a single ring and in some situations you will void the Rolloff warranty if you have a triple setup up front.

IGH are more efficient in certain gears than others. Derailleurs are more or less equally efficient in all gears and that efficiency is rarely less than 94%. In more than 100 years of development there still isn't anything approaching that kind of efficiency, and yet the derailleur system is utterly simple. I don't do anything special for my drivetrains. I'm much too lazy. The regimen you describe that maintains your derailleur systems is overkill. Way too much work. That is what is turning you off. I fear you will be disappointed when/if you go over to IGH.
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