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Originally Posted by 70sSanO View Post
You can use Claris 2403 or 2030 shifters. You can also use the older 2303 shifter with the thumb shift button.
All Shimano 3x8 brifters are interchangeable. So that includes 105 1056, RX100 A553, RSX A416(?), Sora 3300 (8 speed, not 7 speed, which has the same 3300 part number!), 3400, Claris R2030.... and Microshift R8.

The only thing in the 8 speed universe, which does not play well with others, is the current Claris R2000 2X8. The 2X8 left brifter has a different (ie 4700 series) pull ratio. But luckily the 3X8 still uses the old pull ratio. Same with the Sora R3000 series - the 2x9 is not backwards compatible but the 3x9 is.

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