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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
The regimen you describe that maintains your derailleur systems is overkill.
I should probably clarify. My rides are in the 20-40 mile range and on multiple surfaces. Spring and fall are when the roads are absolutely disgusting where I ride, summer is when they clean the roads and they tend to switch to being sandy rather than muddy/rusty/salty. But I would say I am currently cleaning/degreasing/oiling every 80-150 miles on average. It only takes me about 10 miles before I can hear the road grit in my chain, and I use dry lube. I may still be going overboard. I ride 1-2 times a week for a long period of time on back roads and railway bed trails. I plan to ride the trike into the winter as well, which I don't do with my 2 wheelers, and the salt is going to be hell on the derailleurs and cogs without constant cleaning.

This type of riding is why I ordered the Trike. Even 2 hours in the saddle is uncomfortable, and I keep my weekend rides shorter than I want because of that, and the soreness in my wrists and back. I plan on going everywhere
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