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Back in the days when I lived in a place where it actually rained I always had a beater bike to ride when the roads were covered with crud (rain or snow). That meant that my Motobecane Le Champion road bike rarely got wet and almost never was exposed to road salt. I had it for years with few repairs beyond normal maintenance. Something you may not have considered but the small front wheels on a tadpole trike are great for kicking up a spray on wet pavement. Fenders help but don't eliminate it. It's especially bad when turning because the wheels aim the spray right at you. I don't ride my trike in the rain. One side effect out here in the desert is buildup of road grime. Right after it begins to rain, the streets are as slick as snot on a glass topped table and the first release of road grime in a rainstorm will ruin your clothing. You never get all of it out.
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