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That would make too much sense

Originally Posted by scarlson View Post
Teaching yourself wheelbuilding is a great idea. You should do it

Helicomatic is not a great system. See Sheldon Brown's article on it.

So the hub is broken? Why not rebuild the wheel with a freehub? That would modernize things nicely. Spread the frame to 130 or 135 and bob's your uncle, you have a modern machine, impervious to axle breakage and relatively future-proof. Shifting will improve too, with a hyperglide cassette.

If you REALLY want to go ahead with Helicomatic, I think I have a couple hub shells and a cone or two I can send you if you make me a shipping label. Don't spend real money on that stuff!
Oh yes, the spokes ripped out 3 spoke holes in the flange. Perhaps something got caught. I would gladly accept your offer of a hub. This bike looks like low miles as does the weinmann rim. I have not attempted anything French yet. This looks to be perhaps half French as in French Canadian. I have been learning wheel truing, and this would be a perfect place to learn wheel building.

Hub is marked 82 for a 1983 UO 14 with a 6 speed 13-30 freewheel. The freewheel lock ring came off easily with a small strap wrench. I have a bit nicer stuff and do have one freehub, but thought this would be a nice learning experience. I have many vintage bikes and like to experience what the OEM product was in the day. This bike with the magnalite tubing, alloy wheels, mafac racers, and stronlight 99 crank seemed to be well equipped. I am even going to resist replacing the Simplex with Suntour stuff. I would gladly purchase what you have. Not sure what I need to do for a shipping label, but point me in a direction and I will learn. Thanks much.
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