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Originally Posted by Korina
Ride it, see how it feels. You'll definitely need to change out that "saddle" and probably the seat post. After that, your best bet is to check out the C&V mtb. to drop bar conversion thread. Good luck, have fun, and take lots of pics!
I've done exactly that - swapped out the saddle and seatpost, cleaned up most of the drivetrain, and fixed the brakes. One of the brake studs on the fork is broken off, someone used a problem solvers kit to replace it but installed it poorly such that braking forces bent the bolt. Fortunately a neighbor had the correct tap, and with a longer bolt it's all secure now. I also replaced the rear tire (not shown in this photo) since it spontaneously split, fortunately not while I was riding it; I should probably replace the front too. I'm really surprised at how much fun this bike is. I'm no longer feeling the urge to do a drop-bar conversion in a hurry; I am happy to ride it as is for errands around town and my short commute. It might replace my 930 for towing the kid trailer due to the V-brakes and more upright riding position.
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