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Update on damaged hub

Just for fun, I disassembled the damaged hub to see what lies inside for educational purposes. As the bike looked to have low miles and the damaged wheel had been swapped out in the past, I expected the cones and races to maybe be salvageable. The grease inside wasn’t all that bad looking after locknut removal. My Park 13mm cone wrench was too big but it worked to disassemble. Hub was already bad, so I wasn’t being overly careful with things.

13 bearings on each side; 5/32”. Surprisingly to me, the drive side cone had mild pitting around 75% of its circumference. A couple balls looked questionable but not really too bad. A bit better on the non drive side with pitting on perhaps half of the circumference. I drove out the cups, and they were perfect. Soft cones maybe? I have a new hub coming from another kind member, so I hope that is fine, or I will be in search of cones or perhaps even a non heliocomatic hub as suggested.

Half the fun of this hobby is learning stuff. Even once repaired, I wouldn’t possibly put too many miles on this bike, so the plan still is heliocomatic.
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