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Originally Posted by sd5782 View Post
13 bearings on each side; 5/32”. Surprisingly to me, the drive side cone had mild pitting around 75% of its circumference. A couple balls looked questionable but not really too bad. A bit better on the non drive side with pitting on perhaps half of the circumference. I drove out the cups, and they were perfect. Soft cones maybe? I have a new hub coming from another kind member, so I hope that is fine, or I will be in search of cones or perhaps even a non heliocomatic hub as suggested.
The undersize balls and sub standard cones combine to self destruct in fairly short order. And you wont find any replacement cones that will work, except from another helicomatic, and they'll likely be pitted too, unless they weren't ridden.
The helicomatics came in three qualities, that I know of: Sport, Luxe, and 700 professional. I have a Trek 720 with the 700 helicos, and they feel quite nice, but the bike wasn't ridden very much. I may leave them on the bike to see if they're any better than the others, but regardless, they still have that funky freewheel. I will try to find a conventional freewheel hub with close to the same flange diameter and swap them out eventually, using the same spokes. I think the Maillard front hubs will work ok. I've had three bikes with the Sport Helicomatic rr hubs, and despite being diligent with keeping them freshly greased, the cones were all toast within less then a year of regular use.

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