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Intermediate Shaft on daVinci tandem

I am still trying to get our Grand Junction back in service. I have replaced the chains, chainrings, and cassette. I am trying to disassemble the intermediate shaft to replace the small chainrings on that shaft. I have the daVinci special tool (nice) and a chain whip. I was able to use the chain whip to remove and replace the cassette. But, I am having a problem loosening the intermediate shaft. The rings are small and the chain whip slips off. I am wondering if I need to turn the bike horizontal to keep the chain whip from coming off. Can anyone who has removed an intermediate shaft on a daVinci tandem offer any suggestions?

Thankfully, we kept our Trek T900 and we ride it everyday. But, I am looking forward to getting our Grand Junction back in service as we really like it. Our LBS is still only services what they sell, so that is not an option.
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