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Another thought … make sure the the chain whip has a “modern” narrow chain on it. I had an old chain whip from the 5/6/7 speed days and found it slipped on 9/10 speed cogs, so I replaced the chain whip and no problems since, even on 11-speed cogs. Be advised though, that independent pedaling system intermediate shaft on a da Vinci does take a lot of force to remove! Of course, you’ll need to be rotating the chainrings forward (clockwise looking from the right side of the bike) with the chain whip while holding the double freewheel block in place with the da Vinci DFB tool. You can slide a pipe over the chain whip handle to apply more force by virtue of the longer lever.

NOTE: da Vinci does recommend putting the chain whip on the middle chainring, not the largest as I advised previously!

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