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I put the Grand Junction on her side. I inserted the daVinci special tool into the double freewheel block (bottom side) and placed a 2x4 block of wood under the daVinci special tool to keep it from dropping out. I put a Crescent wrench on the daVinci special tool up against my foot. With the bike on its side, I was able to put the chain whip on the middle chainring and get a good grip. I was able to loosen and remove the spline drive. Looking at the 3 driving gear chainrings, and comparing them to the 3 new ones I have, it is hard to see that the driving gear chainrings are worn. That said, I have replaced the chains, all other chainrings, and the cassette. So, the 3 driving gear chainrings are about all that is left to replace and see if that solves the problem.

The problem now is getting the 3 driving gear chainrings off the spline drive. There is a locking holding them on the spline drive. It looks like I will need a Park Tool HCW-5 Bicycle Bottom Bracket Lockring Wrench to remove the lockring to get to the 3 driving gear chainrings. Before I order one from Amazon, is that the right tool? Also, do you use the chain whip to hold the middle chainring while using the locking wrench to loosen the lockring? Thanks.
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