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Need advice on frame

Looking for some road frame recommendations.

I have a bunch of 105 components and a 1" carbon fork sitting around, and am contemplating making a road bike to (occasionally) commute on and ride on weekends. Normally I commute on a cross bike (which I like a lot), but sometimes when I don't have to take a lot of stuff with me, I'd like to ride without panniers and the associated clutter. In other words I'm not looking for high performance (I'm assuming any road bike will feel snappier than heavyish cross w/panniers), but rather comfort - and it wouldn't hurt if the frame was cheap =).

What kind of frame should I look for? I have old hi-ten steel frame/fork in my cross bike, and it rides fine (w/28 tires). I'm somewhat vary of aluminum frames though, in terms of harsh ride - should I be? I've had three (cheap) bikes in the last few years, and had no complaints about comfort - but they all had wide tires, and one had suspended fork, (and none of them was a road bike).

What do you think about buying frame without being able to test ride the complete bike? That's actually one more reason I'd rather get a cheap frame - I don't want to spend my entire tax refund on something I'd want to get rid of right away .

Thanks in advance for your opinions - as you can see I'm confused =)
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