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Originally Posted by Chombi1 View Post
My 1982 PH10S came with the "Destructo" version of the Heli....and it sure did eat its bearings just after a year of riding, despite me making sure it was adjusted and lubricated properly.....

​​I doubt if the 83 or 84 PH10 had an upgrade on its hubs to the higher version of the Heli, as the PH10 was always just their entry level "sport" bike.
Yeah, I've had several Treks with the destructo version, that suffered a similar demise as yours, including two new Treks, bought by my brother and myself, back in 1984. They lasted less then a year, from new. I now generally consider those throw away wheels, as the rims, spokes, & helico freewheel aren't that great either. But now I've got a low mileage '83 720, with the 700 series helico's, wider matrix rims & stainless spokes, and they're smooth as butter, really, so I'm trying to decide whether to tempt fate and ride them, or just go ahead and sell them (just the hubs) to some helicomatic fanatic, while they're still in such pristine condition.
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