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^^ Well, you just remove the freewheel. I adjust after re-greasing the hub bearings, before putting the freewheel back on. I hold the wheel in a vise by the lock nut on one side then adjust the other side. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you?

The reason I'm thinking of replacing the rr hub on the 720 is that in like new condition it's maybe worth something to someone, whereas, if I ride it, and it fries a cone, like every other helico I've had, then it's pretty much worthless. So I might offset some of the cost of a new hub & freewheel by selling it while it's in good shape. One, or maybe a pair, of the lesser helico's, not the 700 series, was sold here in buy & sell for about $50, if I remember correctly, not too long ago.

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