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Glad you find them easy to watch. The fact is all those trends you catalgued have come about because Youtube offers a platform for people who want to make videos but have no background in the field and don't do even basic self study. So they think slow-motion is cool without ever thinking of the purpose of slow-motion. And drones were very interesting at the beginning until every video has drones mainly because they are so cool. Etc etc. All this to say youtube is supremely amateur and--with the YouTuber mostly pointing the camera at him/herself--also very narcissistic. Most people seem to love that so good for them.

I started trying to make videos before youtube existed. They were pretty bad, but I read-up on videographer and editing principles. Recently they have reached a level I can live with. But to say they are easy to watch says something about you the viewer rather than me the maker. With no talking head creating "human interest" and videos lasting up to two hours with only minimal narration, not to mention music that some people will just hate, I think these days this would qualify as hard to watch. Don't forget we are also in the world of twitter and instagram.

Now I'm sure you regret posting your comment as brevity is nowhere to be found in my toolbox!
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