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Well Tripple Alarmer,
It looks like we are rebuilding this Varsity! To start I will say that I always adjust the hub from the non drive side. When taking them apart it is easier to leave the drive side cones and lock nuts in place, so the only adjustment comes from the nds. To get adequate pre-load I lock the axle in a shop vise, and pull the cone down to the bearings by hand. Then add the spacer and lock nut and screw them down to the cone. Hold the lock nut secure, and back the cone off by 1/4 turn and it should be just right.
Now on to more fun... Here is what I got in the mail from Steve: You can see the damage to the cones in the first pictures, and the last is the way they will go back to him. It was a two beer job with a break to talk to another member about a super small track frame. The wheel went out today to another member who wanted it, so my shop is now closer to Helicomatic free. Smiles, MH

Both cones as they came to me.

Hopefully a good shot of the damage to one cone.

Damage to the other cone.

These are what are going back to Steve. The final run was with two passes of 1500 grit wet or dry paper which produces the mirror finish that Campy cones have.
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