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Originally Posted by Mad Honk View Post
Tripple Alarmer,
So help me out here... What does Campy, Miche, and the like, do to get the mirror finish on the cones they make? I'm suspecting they are polished in some method to arrive at the finish that they exhibit.
As a golf club technician I have professional training in the grinding and polishing process in standard steel, and in stainless steel. So I am pretty confident in my skills.
Since you are a smithy, what materials do we have to add to the steel to make Damascus knives? Smiles, MH
...Damascus is a patterned steel accomplished by repetitive folding and forge welding of two different steels, then etching and polishing the final result. You can surface harden a that is almost finished, then polish it after the surface hardening process. Polishing doesn't take off much surface, but when something is pitted deeply enough that you need to remove the surface to some depth to get rid of the pits, you may or may not be going past the hardened surface. Which may or may not affect overall longevity in further use. I've never studied it in depth.

I do know that there are a bunch of people on the internet giving instructions on various methods for doing it.

As a lazy person by conviction, I just toss pitted cones. sometimes I even toss hubs. I am probably a bad person.
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