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Originally Posted by late
what's the budget? Can you get Surly in Isreal? The Surly Pacer is a good and cheap traditional road frame. When you say comfort, mid sized tires like your 28c tires help a lot. What are the roads like?
I like that Surly Pacer - although it comes with a fork, right? How much is it?

I was actually thinking about buying a used frame. There are Trek and Cannondale dealers in Tel Aviv, but the prices are higher than in the States, so if I were to buy a new frame, I'd rather wait - I'm coming back this fall.

I'm not sure about my budget, although I'd rather not spend over $500 on the frame, since it'll be dressed up with middle-of-the-road components.

I see a lot of old road bikes on the streets of Tel Aviv, used for running errands and such. However - there's a lot of salt in the air, my spokes began rusting after few months of leaving my bike outside at work. So since I'm not sure how well these old steel frames hold up in this climate, I asked if I should be afraid of aluminum. Perhaps a new aluminum frame, even no-name, would be the ticket?

Roads are generally good, but drivers are very bad. I've had two accidents in 2 1/2 years, and the guy who was completely at foult in the second lied his way out of responsibility; luckily the damage to my bike was minor. I was also rear-ended in my car, while waiting (not stopping) at red light. This driver tried to fix his car using my car insurance. Sheesh. And from what I hear, my experience is not unique. Drivers here have 'me first' attitude - Jews, Arabs, no difference. Nice people when you get to know them, but very impatient and aggressive on the road. For this reason I can't wait to get back home. Off the soapbox =).

Anyway- thanks for the suggestion
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