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Originally Posted by pgjackson View Post
Diet is absolutely more important than exercise for weight loss. Many cyclists unintentionally sabotage their weight loss goals by overeating (pre-ride carbo loading, sugary "energy" gels and drinks during the ride, then the post-ride pizza and beer binge). You gotta watch your calories. You will never lose weight, no matter how much your exercise, if your calories in is greater than your calories used.
Diet is about 90% and exercise about 10%. Believe me because between age 50-53 I lost 160lbs down to a fit 6'2 and 180lbs. The old thinking was simply calories in VS calories used. Since the Nobel prize was awarded for Autophagy research around 2016,many doctors and researchers have revaluated thinking weight loss is only about calories. I'll not get going on the subject too much but only say that our SAD, standard American diet, of high sugar and highly processed foods is the leading cause of most disease and obesity. It's nearly impossible to lose weight without going into starvation with high insulin levels or insulin resistance caused by constant release of insulin.

it's not just about weight loss however. Autophagy is a way to repair old tissues and increase human growth hormone levels up to about 400%

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