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What Thermo said.

I try to get at least a 100 miles on a new chain before throwing it into clean white gas. It is surprising the small metal pieces that come off the chain (Dura Ace). I never used a Connex. It will air dry quickly in the outside sun. I just lay it on clean cardboard. Just turn the crock pot on. When the wax has melted (almost an hour for my cheapie crock), I throw the chain in. I let it in there for a long time.....around an hour. Probably too long, but I have no idea how long it takes for the wax to get inside and that is where it is needed.

Edit: One reason I don't go more than 100 miles and do not ride in nasty conditions on a new chain before the wax treatment is easy of stripping. If too dirty, I have to ultrasonic first and then two different dunks in white gas. I've used denatured alchol in there too. But the process I explained above in addition to keeping the chain lubed gets me 10,000 miles on my recumbent chain.....with less than half the wear tolerance. That is when I put a new one on.

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