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Originally Posted by pgjackson View Post
When I was in the Marines, my fighting weight was 180lbs. Then I retired and struggled to find my first civilian job. Got down to 166lbs unintentionally (the lightest and leanest I've been since HS). Wasn't even working out. Now I'm back up to 200lbs and really having a hard time losing any weight. I don't think I really eat too much, but the drinking has definitely taken it's toll. Pretty sure I could drop 20lbs pretty quickly if I stopped drinking beer. But what fun would that be?
Check out Dr. Jason Fung. Recent research has shown restricted time eating to work much better than restricted calorie eating. People lost weight and had better blood work under lab conditions using time restriction compared to multiple meals during the day...GET THIS>> EVEN EATING THE EXACT SAME DIET!
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