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Jccaclimber, thanks so much for the alignment tip. Yep, that was the problem. Once I rotated the sprockets until they were aligned properly, they slipped into place just fine. Thanks to all of you for helping with advice. Our LBS will not work on any bike they did not sell at this time. I doubt I could have disassembled and reassembled our intermediate shaft without your help. Our Grand Junction is finally back together. I have replaced the right grip shifter, all 3 chains, cassette, and all chainrings. The hope is that the grinding and slipping we were experiencing will disappear. I will test it later today or tomorrow and see how it goes.

For now, I will offer some take aways for anyone who happens upon this thread and is on the fence about taking on removal of their intermediate shaft. While it's not an easy task, it's doable once you learn how the parts work and have the right tools. If you get started and find things hard to take apart or reassemble, ask those on this group who have a daVinci tandem before you ramp up the torque or whack something with a rubber mallet. As far as tools go, a chain whip is adequate once you get used to using it. But, I will think about getting a Pedros Cassette Removal Tool Vise Whip II, which should be a lot easier to use with a second tool at the same time. The daVinci 4-pronged specialty tool that goes into the eccentric is well worth the cost. That is a well designed and handy tool. Finally, a pin spanner is inexpensive and makes rotating the eccentric really easy when you want to adjust the chain tension.
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