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You mentioned adjusting the EBBs (eccentric bottom brackets). It's in the manual, but make sure you have the bearing above center when adjusting those. That ensure the set screws are pushing into the thick part of the EBB, not the thin part near the bearings, which would result in premature bearing wear.

As for your grinding noise, it shouldn't be hard to track down, although we need a bit more information.

1. Is it coming from the front of the back or the rear?
2. Does it happen when both people pedal, when just one pedals, or when coasting?
3. Does it happen if you are not on the bike, ie with the rear wheel off the ground and you are turning one of the cranks by hand? I have a 2 sided kick stand that makes this very easy for me to test, but a stand, flipping the bike over, or having someone hold it up for a moment would all serve the same purpose.
4. Does it happen in every gear, or just some of them?
5. What if you spin the intermediate shaft backward by hand (on the output side), without the rear wheel moving?
6. Are all the bearings smooth? This is easier to check in the BBs if the chains (or drive side cranks) are not installed, but removal is not required.

Grinding is generally not good, but also usually easy to track down.

There are a lot of things that could grind
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