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Naptha is not the same solvent as "Paint Thinner" in the Home Depot. Naptha/Coleman Fuel/White Gas/Light Fluid are all one in the same, basically, with different minor additives. Paint Thinner and Mineral Spirits are not the same solvent as naptha.

+1 for running chain first to "break it in". My experience has been to run the chain new for about 100 miles then strip. Naptha will work as will mineral spirits. Personally I use mineral spirits or orange cleaner.

I then diverge from the norm. Melted wax doesn't really "creep" into the roller bearings very well. It needs something else to do that. I shave about 3/4 of a bar of Gulf Wax (paraffin in the grocery store and used for "canning") into a quart Mason jar and let it dissolve. I then soak the chain in that overnight. I hang the chain to dry thoroughly for a couple days and then wax the chain in molten wax or hit it with my favorite, Squirt lube.

What the first treatment does is disperse wax into every nook and cranny of the rollers and then the naptha evaporates leaving behind the wax.


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