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Originally Posted by SoSmellyAir View Post
Because the California Air Resource Board (CARB) has banned many organic solvents, I am using acetone instead of odorless mineral spirits. I also have 70% isopropyl alcohol; should I do a final wash and rinse in that before I dip the chain into the wax?
I can't think of a reason to rinse in isopropanol, especially 70%. What are you expecting to accomplish with it?

I ask that, because among amateur watch repairers, you'll often see novices asking about rinsing in isopropanol after having cleaned the parts in mineral spirits. It just seems to be something people think it needs, but they can't identify what they think it will remove that hasn't already been removed. It doesn't really add anything to the cleaning process, as far as I can tell, beyond putting water back into the equation. The mineral spirits should have removed all the oil/grease, and when dried should leave the chain completely clean.
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