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Hand numbness and lower back pain

Hi all. I would like to ask for suggestions from you guys on how I can improve my bike fit.

First of all, about me. I'm 164 cm tall with a 77 cm inseam. I'm unsure of my proportions but I think I have a short torso, long legs, and long arms(?).

My bike is a 2021 Giant Contend 2, size XS. Here's the product page of my bike where the geometry chart can be found if you scroll down a bit.

Here's a video of me on the trainer. My saddle height was set to 66 cm on the video, which some people on ****** have commented I could raise a bit. Now I have raised it by 1 cm. My saddle was also positioned forward on the video, but not maxed out (about 10 mm from the edge of the clamping area).

I swapped out the stock 80 mm stem with a 100 mm from a friend when I first got the bike (seven months ago) because of naivity. I don't have any neck and shoulder pain when riding, and it seems like I do have a slight bend on my elbows at all times when on the hoods, so I guess it's fine(?). What I do experience on long rides, however, is numb hands and lower back pain, the latter especially noticeable when going hard. I also notice the left part of my butt hurts early on in a ride, possibly due to rubbing against the saddle. It does go away as the ride progresses.

Based on the video and my comments, what would you guys suggest? Do you think I should try a shorter stem, or do my problems lie with other things such as improper saddle setback and lack of core strength? Maybe a combination of all things?

Thanks in advance!
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