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Plz hurry Dec 22!
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Saddle looks too low to me. If you raise it, you will have a lower body position on the bars but your core strength may and should take over to reduce your weight on the bars. I'll run my saddle heights between 106% to 109% of my inseam. Measure from saddle where you sit to the top of pedal when furthest away from the saddle.

If you raise your hands off the bars and fall forward, that's really not an indication to move your saddle back, IMO, it's an indication to do more exercises to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. You'll give up some power into the pedals every time you push your saddle further back. Also IMO.

Do you keep your hands on the hoods all the time? Change your hand position every so often. Where is the palm of your hand when on the hoods? I do better when my palm is on the side of the hoods and the pad below my thumb is on top of the shifter body.

Are your wrist staying straight? If not maybe you need narrower bars. So be sure your hand numbness isn't starting out as wrist numbness. My stock bar width on my new bike was too wide for me, and going 4 cm narrower let me keep my wrist straight on long rides eliminating all the wrist numbness I was getting on 40 mile plus rides.
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