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Mount Washington hill climb in 2 weeks is darned steep at 12% average. Mortirolo averages 11%. I can't recall any climb in the Alps exceeding 14% and most average under 10%, at least from memory. The climbs in Japan must be brutal.

The increased gear ratio will slightly (13%) increase your cadence at the same power. A 75Kg rider making 240 watts on a 10% grade will be traveling about 6 mph or 10 km/h. Double the gradient and half the speeds. At 3 mph, the 34 cog will take your cadence from around 35 to 40 rpm. So, that 34 cog won't help much on the 20% grade. All else equal, in the 10% grade, it would mean going from 70 rpm in the 30 cog to 80 rpm in the 34 cog, approximately.

I don't see a 34 helping much. You need a triple with a 24 up front and the 34 in the back, giving you a mid 50 cadence on a 20% grade. I am assuming a normal, fit cyclist. 75 Kg and 240 watts threshold. YMMV

It is 7.6 miles in length with an average grade of 12%, extended sections of 18%, and the last 100 yards are an amazing 22% grade!
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