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Originally Posted by NoWhammies View Post
After over 11,000km on my front tyre, I was inspecting the tyre and came across this:

Rather than take a chance, I figured after 11,000km the tyre owed me nothing. So I replaced the tyre - a Veloflex Corsa Evo TLR 25mm - with a new Veloflex Corsa Evo TLR only in 28mm this time.

So now I am running a mismatched set of tyres on my BH. A Schwalbe Pro One in 25mm on the rear, and the Corsa on the front. For now my OCD is held in check and I'm not changing to have matching tyres. I will likely ride out the season with this set of tyres, pending any issues.
Id say that tyre is perfectly fine still. Living in a place with lots of little sharp flints I would replace my tyres every day, if that was the yard stick. I do pick lodged stones and glass from the thread at regular intervals tho. Helps me not flat and worry less :-)

The tyre is in amazingly pristine condition considering 11.000km.

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