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Originally Posted by Spaghetti Legs View Post
A Trek 520 is a nice frame but generally not recognized as such outside the walls of our little community. Unless your daughter is an uncommon appreciate of a good bike for her age, the bike will get beat up pretty quickly anyway.
I think y'all are right it won't matter if I uglyify it. Her normal rider is a 2000's trek 5200, so she does know a good bike, and does take care of her stuff. It was her idea to ugly it up, but I think I'll leave it as is.
A good lock is obviously the best plan. I used to commute on a Seven and used a masterlock cuff, but I also parked on the second floor in the parking lot. There was bike rack on the first floor but it was a joke, and I thought thieves are lazy so they won't walk up a flight of stairs if they don't need to.

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