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Originally Posted by scarlson View Post
This. It all depends on the university she's going to.

Campuses in rural or affluent suburban areas in my experience don't have as much of a theft problem, and locking the bike next to a big important academic building with a security desk helps. I've locked up bikes outside the research buildings at Harvard (Cambridge, not the medical school), University of Vermont, and Middlebury with no fear and never hear of thefts at these institutions. I imagine that would translate to most rural or affluent suburban areas. But I wouldn't risk regularly locking a bike outside McGill, NYU, Columbia, or U of Chicago. Urban settings are just riskier. I know grad students at Harvard med (downtownish Boston) who've had wheels pilfered in broad daylight, and a UM Ann Arbor professor who got her (well-locked-up) bike stolen from outside the building where she works. Ann Arbor isn't a big city, but the university is so big I imagine it supports a whole theft industry.

Anyway, that's the extent of my experience in terms of place vs theft risk.
Some years back, I heard that a grad student in my department had his bike stolen, but then spotted it locked up at a different bike rack on campus. He alerted campus PD and managed to get it back. I'm not sure that's a bike thief who's really dumb or really brazen.
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