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Covering the whole bike with tape will just alert thieves to the fact that something is being hidden.

I am on the side of either (a) investing in a good lock and a some time in ensuring the owner has a good idea of how to best lock the bike, or (b) pulling a less desirable bike out of a dumpster and making that into a SS or fixie for commuting to class.

Another strategy that is (in my opinion) more effecting than covering the whole bike with tape is what I call Maximised Uglification. There are two steps to this process: (i) beat the holy hell out of the bike in such a way as to ruin the paint - for instance, put the bike against a sign post and workit back and forth to intentionally wreck the paint, and (ii) add a limited amount of tape to various areas of the bike (brake levers, cables, saddle, frame tube junctions, etc) to create a visual suggestion that there is a lot going wrong with the bike and it will take too much effort to even extract usable parts.

Lastly, remember the 'being chased by a bear' strategy for locking a bike - as the old joke goes, if you are in the woods with your friend and being chased by a bear, you don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your friend <-> if your bike is locked in a rack, it doesn't need to be impossible to steal, it just needs to be less attractive to thieves than other bikes on the rack... either a cheaper, older, worse condition bike, or obviously better locked, or some combination of all of these
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