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Another update, and more blasphemy

Sorry purists, especially the younger stronger type, but this old Frejus just got some more Japanese content. I always found the half step 47/50 crank to be beautiful, but not too useful to me at 64 years of age. I tried a 14-32 freewheel and it worked pretty well. Along the same thought pattern, I recently changed out the beautiful Suntour Superbe 144bcd crank on my vintage Trek 700 for a compact double on that bike. The Superbe was supposed to be close enough to the Italian taper to work with a Shimano 109mm Italian bottom bracket I purchased here. It seems fine, and some careful adjustment of the front made it work.

Lots more heresy in back as not only did I use a Suntour long cage on a Shimano 14-32 five speed cluster, but I added a dork disk. The last time I went down on a bike was an over shift into the spokes at slow speed. I now don't want to ruin these nice Campy hubs or damage the spokes. The rear even has a bit of bling. This Frejus isn't the higher end Columbus tube bike, so I just have it my way, and I have all the old parts. 35 inch low gear now too and 42/46 half step front for the flatlands around here.

Campy big ring, and Campy copy crank

The chain line is very nice and the small ring has 4-5mm clearance from the chainstay.

So, water bottle holder added, and French fit on bike for me as it is really a bit too big for me. Here in the midwest, one seldom sees Italian bikes, and especially ones that don't say Bianchi. I did recently pick up a kinda neglected 1985 Torpado recently that will be a winter project. I hope my changes don't offend too many purists.

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