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pplv - tks for the link, but I still have questions.

Despite that link and Sheldon's very handy info, I am having trouble finding the right spindle to give me decent chainline (somewhere between 42.5 and 44). The deal is I have French (sugino) cups, so I need a spindle (not a cartridge.) I also want to use one of the three cheaper (than a Sugino 75) crank options:
Sugino XD (description says 110mm spindle)
Sugino RD (description says 103-107 spindle)
Sugino old triple (measured as a 118 spindle)

The nearest I can find is a Sugino length of 109mm (the sugino 75).

Has anyone tried the Xd or RD with the 109mm spindle? Does it work just fine and what chainline do you have?

many thanks again!

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