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Thanks for the encouraging words. The fit is actually fine especially with the somewhat shorter reach stem. At 5’10”, I like 57-58cm best, but have 56 and this one at maybe 61 or so. I also know what the experts say about a rapid dismount, but it’s not like it’s way too big. An even bigger miyata I am trying to sell is rideable too me, as it has a short top tube. Often, one takes what one finds, especially where those fancier bikes aren’t so abundant.

I also saw that Bottecchia posted. Very pretty too and fits the user’s wants. I tell myself now that the frame is what speaks to us if we at least have some decent wheels and tires on there. I wasn’t riding this one as much with that 47/50 front which was kinda a shame as the frame rode so nice. I am no expert, but it feels lively in steering yet really neutral when going around the few curves in my area. I must also have quite by accident set it up so that it invites me to come up out of the saddle like I’m a younger guy.

Truth be told too, I love the looks and operation of the Suntour VX rear derailleurs and have them on several bikes. Shoot me now, but I also kinda dig the aluminum Suntour dork disks too. Hey, this one has fenders so a bit more aluminum bling is in order.
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