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Originally Posted by cobba View Post
With the correct hardware you could connect it, the old fitting would need to be cut off to attach the new fittings and the brakes would need bleeding afterwards.

Road an mountain levers use different flare nuts with a different thread one is M8, the other is M9.

Look at parts #1 in these 2 exploded diagrams.

Road flare nut: https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/brakes/s...70-y8rd98010/?
Mountain flare nut: https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/brakes/s...it-y8ja98010/?

Would the old hose be long enough?
Much appreciated for the detailed response. The old hose will definitely be long enough, might even be too long by a couple of inches.

This may be a stupid question but I am not familiar with disc brake hardware . . . Can I not just slide the olive and flare nut off the hose and slide the correct flare nut back on? Or is cutting it the only way? I do have extra hose length to cut if need be.
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