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Tadpole Trike kickstand from a out of the box thinking

I spent a lot of time messing around with my new TerraTrike GTS needing the rear tire in the air to check for chain and rear derailleur alignment due to a bad design.
Fumbling around with rags and automotive jack stands was just a pain in the butt. This became more of a problem when I mounted a custom pet carrier to the lowrider rack.
So wanting something lightweight I turned to the world of Guns and mounted a Sturdy but inexpensive Bi-pod that adjust from 9"-13" it works great and is stable. I mounted one just like it on the Wife's Terratrike Rogue and it also worked great. This is also perfect if you get have to do repairs on the side of the road. cleaning chains removing the rear tire etc. is all possible and easy to do.
I will say if you do this and you plan on leaving it on your trike use Loctite it only takes one bolt to wiggle loose and it is gone. I also used Loctite on the tension screw. I also sprayed it down with a liberal coating of PigSpit to prevent corrosion.
I have plans for a front boom mounted Bi pod yet I am on the hunt for a vented rifle hand guard with a large enough inside diameter and no sharp edges to chew up your legs. I need one with a 2inch ID.
if you see one please let me know. I had a large one mounted on my Boom with a clamp on adaptor yet that just looked bad yet worked. the problem with the front on y trike it requires a taller bipod the one I found was 13"-23 " or so yet it was too unstable

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