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Originally Posted by feefifofum
I'd love to, but that's a cartridge, and likely not French thread. Trouble is, my cups are French, so I need a spindle.
just to throw an option with french threading out on the table....

you can buy the phil wood french mounting rings for about $35. now, of course, you don't want to spend $100 on a ****ing phil cartridge bracket, but, fear not -- you can use the cartridge from a cheap shimano un53 or 73 bottom bracket with the rings. when you buy it, you'll find that the right side cup is actually attached to the cartridge. but, you can get it off by putting the cup in a vice (not too tight, just enough to hold it in place) and pulling the cartridge out. you can then just mount it between the two phil cups.

now, of course, this will only get you down to 107mm. as i'm sure you've seen, you can buy the sugino 75 spindle separately from the full set, so you can use it (109mm) with your sugino french cups. this is actually the setup that i use on my gitane - sugino french cups with 75 spindle. sells the spindle for $29.99 - . while you are at it, i strongly recommend purchasing the sugino 75 cranks at the same time on aebike ($180 with chainring - very cheap), which will save on shipping. having used the sugino rds for a long time, i have to say that they are extremely flexible. you will never regret buying the sugino 75 cranks. of course, they cost more than a set of road cranks, so, i understand if they exceed your budget.

i do not personally know very much about those other sugino cranks. however, if you go with an older shimano 105 or 600 road double, you can get a very solid chainline if you mount the chainring on the inside of the spider. i've done this with a 107mm bottom bracket on a few conversions and had a lot of luck. the sugino 75 109 spindle will add 1mm. i cannot remember 100% whether or not the 107mm setups were off at all. it's possible that the 109 will give a perfect chainline, but, if not, chances are that you can use a small bottom bracket spacer (0.5mm-1mm) on your hub to push your cog out a bit. this should still allow for proper lockring thread engagement.

if you decide on a crankset, i am relatively positive that i can help you get it working. chainline problems are my favorite.

oh, an older version of my gitane can be seen on fgg -
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