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$2500-$2800 tri bikes that are actually available right now

I am looking for a new Tri bike for right around $2500. I'm factoring ~$800 separately for a power meter so I do not want to spend $3300+ on a bike and not have a power meter.
I was planning on getting the new single Garmin rally Keo power pedal fwiw.

Perhaps most interesting I've found the BMC TM02 as the only bike that includes a "FULL" 105 kit (most downgrade the crank) and actually can be purchased right now (i.e. I can find one in stock...)

I am open to other bikes, but i am really not finding much out there in the price range and actually available. I am 6'2 with a 35.5" inseam

Other ideas:

Argon E-117 Force 22 (rim brake) https://www.all3sports.com/products/...39375679619166 - $2650 - It's "power meter ready" for Rotor vegas crank spider but I'd prefer the Garmin pedal to integrate with a Garmin computer and Varia radar

A QRoo PRFour Disc: https://quintanarootri.com/collectio...ts/prfour-disc $2800

I found a last year's Cervelo P 105 for $2500 but it is a 56cm . Nice price but I think it is too small.

The Felt B is actually more Ultegra than 105 but is $2900. https://feltbicycles.com/products/b-triathlon-bike

Is there anything obvious I am missing? A lot of the "Best bike under $2500/3000" articles are now outdated as manufacturers have gone disc brake only.
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