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Originally Posted by Doc_Wui View Post
That's a nice deal. If you stare at battery cases on aliexpress.com, you can probably find some chinese seller selling it. Ypu can often find parts for the popular stuff. Otherwise, you could google back to the biker seller, probably a Canadian outfit?

Worst case, you re-wire the power thru one ot the undamaged pins. They probably use only tow of the four. but the only way to tell is to look on the back of the pins.

What I have done on a battery with a broken connector is to bring out the power thru a cable. Do the same on the bicycle side, and use a power connector,
Good idea. I'll pick up a power connector next time I'm by the electronics store. I'm gonna need more batteries too. I'm only getting about 30 km on a single charge. I need like 100 km of range so I can use this bike for work.

I think the problem is the bike is geared too low. The top speed of 32 km/h is sufficient. But I can't pedal that fast. So I'm letting the motor do all the work which is less fun and cuts down on my range. I don't even use any of the lower gears. The front chainring has 46t. The rear cassette is 14-28. And the tires are 20".

I removed the right pedal arm to see if I could swap the chain ring with another. But it's a single piece. The little disc with the magnets tells the controller when I'm pedalling. But it just slides on and off the axle.

The bottom bracket tube measures just under 4" wide, about 100mm. The axle is about 6.5" wide.

If I could just replace the pedal arm to one with a larger chainring that would be the easiest.

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