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Fun evening with the Silver Beast. It got a badly needed cleaning and partial teardown.

I also took what seems to be the most common approach to setting up a workstand, and just let the front wheel stay on the floor. Works very well.

I gave the whole frame a gentle-ish workover with Meguiar's Ultimate Compound, then applied two coats of a carnauba wax. The finish looks good and should be well protected.
I've had the four cranks, two seatposts, and stem off, cleaned, lubed, and returned. Headset needs a bit of an adjustment, but I couldn't find the right wrench.
I swapped in the saddles that will live on there, and ordered bar tape to match. Swapped in Gatorskins in 28mm just because I had them (and generally hate them) and figured a beast like this might benefit from something durable like that. Wheels will get a little time in the truing stand, but they're not bad at all.
I mean to weigh the beast in its currrent form, but forgot.

Finally, a few questions for the forum:
Chain Change: The synchronizing chain is in great shape, but the regular one at the rear (not sure what it's called in this context, the drive chain?) is a hair stretched and just a big old thing. Often in working on older bikes, I substitute a later generation chain with excellent results. In this case, I had a good clean Dura-Ace 9 speed chain hanging around that I have subbed in for now. Is there any reason that might now be a good idea? It doesn't seem to me that chain faces much more strain than normal, but if I'm wrong, I'll got back to a beefier 8-speeed one.
Cassette Change: For some reason, the bike arrived with a 7-speed cassette, 12-28. I replaced it with an 8-speed 12-27 I had around and all seems well. I wonder if there is some reason a previous owner would have made that change when the drivetrain is plainly built as a 3x8. Maybe I'll find

when the new cables arrive and I try to set it up again.
Shifters: The bike has Sachs brifters, which are oddly original equipment. The levers feel all kinds of wrong, even after a pretty aggressive flushing with WD-40. I'll do some more digging to find out about these things, but it seems to me there are plenty of better shifters around and I may need to be shopping.
Bottle Cages: The bike comes with these color-coordinated purple plastic cages, and they look great all along the frame as intended. But (a) it's old plastic, which isnt necessarily the most reliable and (b) there's only room for some smallish bottles with all the cages on there. I'm tempted to sacrifice the aesthetics here for some practicality and find an alternative way to carry water on a long ride.
Hubs: The bike was specced with different hubs than the Hopes that are on there now. They feel great. The rear hub has a threaded area on the non-drive side which I gather is designed for a supplemental brake, and which works with mounts on the frame. That means these hubs are meant for a tandem, right?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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