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Originally Posted by CAT7RDR View Post
I looked into Strava. I have Garmin, I use ridewithgps to map rides. I use a poor man's Cateye to record distance.

Believe it or not, years ago in the 1980's I could get on my bike and enjoy the experience all by itself without resorting to any aids.
My most memorable rides had nothing to do with tech. Just get on the bike and ride. I know hard to imagine that is possible. I am not anti-tech or anti-social platforms.

For some of us, riding is more than enough. It is about the sights and sounds, and the spiritual aspects about cycling that motivate me.
What about shifting tech, tire tech, braking tech? Those things you ride were not original equipment on the first bicycles. They evolved. The tech evolves. Someone saying that they choose not to use something for whatever reason, or even lack of a reason (that's still a reason, though ) is still using other advancements that at one time were poo-pooed by a different crowd. Take GPS navigators, for example. In the old days, before maps, do you think people didn't rely on some other form of navigation? Then decent maps came along. Were the first users of maps mocked for cheating? Did other people say things like, "I don't need to know how to get there- I'll either wander around til we all die or we find adequate food and shelter. We're tough compared to those mappers!" Now maps and compasses are considered old-school voodoo and antiquated. Has anyone seen a road atlas at the gas station lately? What's that you say- you don't go inside any more since they invented pay-at-the-pump-with-your-phone? Huh. Weird... isn't it? Don't be afraid of the stuff.
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