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Originally Posted by CAT7RDR View Post
^^^^^Funny. My next bike will be a single speed or flip/flop Fixie because I want to simplify things and decrease repairs and maintenance costs.

I just bought an older model flip phone to simplify things because I do not need a $1,000 cell phone when a $30 will satisfy my needs.
I do not fear the cell phone, I just realize what my needs are. I responded to your comments on a tablet so I must have conquered my fear of the interwebs.

Like I said, I am not anti-tech as it has its place. Some of us just appreciate simpler things in life.

A bike ride can be simple and enjoyable. If you enjoy higher tech and cycling together? Great, that works for you.

I'm picking up that others are attached to their high tech gadgets and this is a touchy subject that compels them to pigeon hole the naysayers.
No one should care if others like new tech or not. There's plenty that I don't like, use, or plan on using. Just pointing out that some of the "simple things" that we like using were, at one time, major advancements or technical achievements.
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