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Good breweries to ride to in Seattle?

My son just move to Seattle and I know one of his favorite rides here in NYC was to the Bronx Brewery from where he lived in Brooklyn. They had outdoor seating and encouraged riders to stop and bring their bikes in. For me it was 30 mile RT, for him more like 20, if that.

For someone living in the Eastlake area, is there some equivalent ride we could do? When I lived there back in the 80s, the one ride we would do is out to Woodinville to Chateau St. Michelle for wine. But he's a beer drinker. And is St. Michelle still there?

I just checked Google maps and there is no shortage I see, most closer than the Bronx from Brooklyn. Lots of them between Fremont and Ballard, an area that I used to avoid on my bike. When I lived there Ballard was just some sleepy Scandinavian village and the waterfront areas were congested with trucks. And the missing link was just that.

It's been a while...

Holy crap, it's been a very long while. I just looked up the missing link and it STILL isn't built??? I thought we were slow here in NYC but even an improved Brooklyn Bridge bikeway has been built in the last year.

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