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OH MY! This is such an open ended question in the Seattle Region!
I would rather look for a ride you want to do then look for a brewery there. Almost all have tasting rooms! But bring a couple of locking options as sometimes bike parking can be tricky. We normally bring a very robust/thick cable with us (and a growler) when we go.

East across 520 bridge there are breweries! North along burk gillman or interurban are breweries! and always a good time to take the ferry to the pennisula! Breweries there too! Short rides, long rides, BREWERIES EVERYWHERE! Overnighters? Breweries! Just keep in mind all might not have food options, so pack a snack!

Another option would be to stop at Fremont Brewing on return of a big ride. Tonnes of bike parking and outdoor space. Good luck and let us know if you find any gems.

Little fun gem, but maybe out of your range is riding north on the Interurban to the Edmonds Ferry, take that across to downpour brewing directly on the other side of the ferry in kingston. Or if up to it, ride all the way to hood canal brewing about another 7 miles in. You also get a ferry ride this way which is pretty fun! Also the bainbridge ferry and do a loop there with bainbridge brewery on the other side of the ferry as well.
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