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Two ladies walking stopped to ask if we needed help. I explained what was going on and they excitedly said they knew a guy named MIke, and if they could get a hold of him, he'd certainly be able to help. Unfortunately, Mike was not answering his phone and therefore, we bid the ladies farewell after exchanging numbers (in case Mike became available) and I decided to ride on a busted spoke. About a minute after we split up, I got a text from them, advising me to call a fella named Kevin. I left Kevin a voicemail and a minute later, I'm riding my bike and talking on speaker phone and arranging to meet him up the road at Mile 42 Coffee Shop where he would take my bike for a fix...

Turns out, Kevin was a team mechanic and now works from his house. We were ready for a break anyway, so this mechanical was well-timed and Kevin worked pretty quickly to get me rolling again. My bike came back with my bars rewrapped and my chain lubed. Kevin wouldn't take money, until I insisted on giving him a green handshake. Stand-up guy. Apparently he is a well-known dude, because he got swarmed by local cyclists when he dropped my bike off.
One of the things I wish was prevalent along the entire OTET is these mileage signs. They're handy as hell and provide very clear info on where you are and where you're headed.

We made short order of getting to Kings Mills, home of the Peters Cartridge Company - an old ammo factory turned brewery and lux apartments.

They were closed, so we pressed on and had our next rest stop in Morrow, home of a husband-wife combo who were having a walking argument as we lounged in the pavilion. Apparently, the guy fell asleep in his car at the local Auto Zone and had an unpleasant encounter with the local fuzz, prompting his wife to be super pissed off at him. They're not pictured...here's a caboose instead.

Of course I didn't know I had a leaf on my head when I took this...

We were trying to make Xenia without any further drama beyond my busted spoke, but my front tube had other ideas. It sounded like a gun going off and I couldn't hear out of my left ear for a couple of days. I got to change a tube for the first time since the '90s...

The tire was fine, so we continued on (me, angrily so) to Xenia where I jumped into the pool in my bike clothes in an effort to launder them...

...which then required the AC unit to be cranked up to dry everything off while I polished off a 6er of Budweiser obtained from the Circle K down the road from my hotel.

The next morning, we stopped at K&G Bicycle Center in Xenia to have them double check my spokes and make sure I didn't mess anything up on my tube install. I also got some spare tubes just in case my install was crap, or something was wrong with the wheelset. Nice guys, good shop, do recommend. Anyway, we made it to Xenia Station, where something like 5 bike trails intersect. I plan to go down and ride them all someday.

Riding out of Xenia to Columbus, we knew it would be shade-free and pretty straight for the day. This was a common view. Some may find it boring, but I really enjoyed this day.
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