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Originally Posted by MixedRider View Post
If you are going for a quick visit (couple days) I would suggest the Seattle Bainbridge Ferry, do a loop around the Island and stop at Bainbridge Brewing. You get a cool ferry ride and taking the ferry on your bike is so fun! Check back in before you arrive, because weather could also be a determination in your decision making
That's ok, I've lived in Seattle in the past, and had friends on Bainbridge Island. I'd probably be disappointed to see how much has been built. I also had friends that lived along Hood Canal on a quiet country road along the elbow, until about a month later the Hood Canal bridge sank and their country road became the main road to the Olympic Peninsula.

As for weather, I always assume it is going to be raining. On my last trip there, already 10 years ago, the first thing I did was head to REI to buy a rain jacket and then I rode out to Marymoor on a sunny morning. When I got back on the bike to head across I-90 I saw it coming and by the time I got to Microsoftland it was pouring down rain, all the way across until I got to the tunnel in Seattle. I came out the other side and it stopped. The next day I was riding up around Ballard for a bike festival and on the way back a huge thunderstorm hit. I ducked under at PCC in Fremont for that one and waited it out. Thunderstorms were rare in Seattle when I lived there.

I still have the jacket but haven't used it at all on a bike since. I would swear it came with a hood but can't find that, and the listing for it was that it was optional to buy, so maybe it didn't.

I was at the opening of the new Brooklyn Bridge bike lane just 2 days ago. From conception to completion in about 5 months. Missing link? From conception to nothing in about 40 years! They could've built a bridge over the entire area in that time.

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